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Facebook City Targeting feature a good opportunity

In what could be described as an important and a major development, Facebook has started providing City Targeting in India. Its a major win for the existing advertisers no doubt but the larger winner going to be facebook itself. It can now look forward to local advertisers who want to run smaller and targeted campaigns. For the already existing advertisers and those who stayed away from Facebook due to spillover issues this will mean better ROI driven campaigns.

Facebook has been finding favour of late and as the younger generation moves into decision making positions and takes over family businesses, social media as a whole will find growing favour among advertisers. No doubt the biggest challenge is to find the right strategy to make the most of facebook. objections like “the environment” is not right for a serious brand, “The audience is too engrossed in personal communications to notice ads and interact”, “I never saw an ad leave alone clicking on any” will always exists as the advertisers sorts his preferences. Most advertisers do not have a good understanding of facebook as a communication medium and thats where facebook needs to intervene. More than just making it easy to run a campaign facebook needs to educate clients about how to maximise the time spent on campaign management.

With the city targeting feature facebook will have to work hard to add new advertisers, but the opportunity is too large to ignore. For young entrepreneurs and freelancers this presents a good opportunity to offer campaign management services. This is good news for internet advertising in India.

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