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Plan for SEO success in 2019 as we move towards 2020

Governments focus on “digitising India” has started taking effect and much has changed for the business fraternity, Startups and Entrepreneurs alike. Digital Media adoption continues to increase and the Marketing community is happy no doubt but that can also be perplexing given the so many options available for their Digital Marketing Agency Brief.

Content is the new buzz word and creativity has had to face many new challenges with the small screen giving a huge boost to mobile marketing. Google Adwords became Google Ads and has a new dashboard with much more intelligence associated to running search marketing campaigns. A mix of paid media advertising and social media content has started showing better results and brands now have various avenues to be omnipresent in consumers lives.

Advertising irrelevancy and in-the-face marketing is having its impact and organic search results seem to be the way to go for most consumers wanting more relevant answers to their search queries. Voice search is gaining and this has begun a new phase in search optimisation. Google has started providing a Q & A format for search queries. Mobile first is the mandate and Page Load speed has taken over many other seo metrics as a critical parameter to rank a website.

Today a highly optimised website means not only being search engine friendly by way of content but requires adopting quality web development and a highly engaging UI / UX design. Technical SEO is here to stay.

Here is a quick list of key focus areas for search engine optimisation success in 2019 and ahead.

  • Website and Page Load Speed – Better be fast or lose a prospect. Not just that bounce rates will shoot and that in turn will impact seo rankings. Creating lean and usable webpages is the norm.
  • UX or User Experience Design – The wow design is a good to have but that must be complimented by user experience (UX) which enables your design and turns it into an engaging experience.
  • On – Page SEO – This was never more important that today. Getting your SEO keywords right is still critical but getting your on-page SEO done professionally by a SEO Consulting Company will ensure better SEO success. It’s no longer url, title, keywords and description, there much more to getting your website on-page seo done properly.
  • Use Structured Data markups wherever possible – with adoption of AI (artificial intelligence) in search algorithms there is increased need to be specific about your web pages relevance to the search users needs. Structured data gives google a better understanding of your page and its representative attributes for the search user. There is enough information available about structured data usage. Using appropriate schema pages based on information type, products, events etc.
  • Content is no longer about volume – Gone are the times when the critical aspect of content strategy was volume, more keywords and answering queries. The language, the tone and the depth of information provided matter today. Engagement with content must lead to or guide a user to the next action, and that leads to pages within your website its awesome. What works best is content that solves problems, motivates people and drives them towards a real solution.
  • Featured Snippets and Position Zero – Search is turning into quite an experience itself. Over the year’s the presentation of search has evolved and today search results are based on loads of data crunching and machine learning abilities. There’s answers, knowledge graph, image carousels and more. This means you need to optimise for featured snippets also known as position zero. Check out traffic spikes once the snippet zing kicks in!
  • Voice is the future – Talking to your phone which once sounded crazy and starship-enterprise-like is for real now and gaining popularity because its simply convenient to ask your phone to do it than type something. I have noticed that voice search results seems to be faster as well. Not too long ago the Google CEO had mentioned that voice searches are almost 20% of the overall and that today would have multiplied no doubt. To prepare for the voice search future you need to move away from how users will type to how they will convert their thoughts into speech. The freedom to search again without having to type means more possibilities. Long tail just got a huge leap as did the ability to ask questions to look for answers. We prepared long ago and many of our questions pop up on top of search already. Structured Meta Data is very important for success in search. Use it.
  • Use Google My Business Smartly – Whilst considered only important for local search, the google my business account has a larger role to play in an effective search engine optimisation strategy. Claim your my business page if not done already.Ensure that your name, address, and phone number (seos know it as NAP) are accurate. Use the introduction area for business pitching and ensure your provide a description of your products and services. That done associate your business listings with categories. Voice is critical for local search no doubt and having your my business account in order will ensure higher traffic volumes from voice search local keywords which will impact your overall seo progress.
  • Use the Search Console (a.k.a. webmaster) -What is the search console?

    The Google Search Console is a free tool provided to all website owners by Google for the purpose of better optimisation of sites for search. It gives you important information for SEO, like the keywords your site ranks for, the ranking or position of the website on for those keywords, backlinks  to your webpages and more. And interestingly the search console also tells you about issues your site might have like 404 pages, other error pages, penalty requiring manual actions, mobile friendliness etc. Analyse search console data regularly and implement changes efficiently and you will see positive spikes in your SEO results.

  • Video is the way to go – Video consumption is growing like never before. the television is now in your hands and the amount of content channels is just staggeringly high. A study by cisco suggests that around 82% of all consumer online traffic will involve video.So claim your vanity urls first and then get cracking on the other youtube SEO optimisation parameters.
  • Lastly the element of CTR – yes, ctr has found its way into the search algorithm thanks to rankbrain which is a critical part of the search engines algorithm to present relevant search results. It’s a page ctr for a keyword is high then its relevant and it the corresponding metrics are improving then viola, you have an opportunity to rank faster. So, as I have always said, keep relevancy high, bounce rates low and CTR in check.

Should you need any assistance we will be happy to guide you with your business website seo.


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