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Which is the best digital marketing technique to reach your target audience at low cost?
Social media advertising is the strongest contender for the top position when you think of low cost awareness, lead generation and sales. Facebook ad campaigns combined with Instagram advertising can help business boost lead generation, and conversion rates.

When you decide to use our Facebook advertising agency you hire a team of professionals who continuously optimize your Facebook ads campaign for optimal results. We test ad variations for evaluating performance metrics which we measure by installing conversion pixels on your website. This helps us understand which campaign, which geography and which target audience mix is working best for your Facebook ad campaign success. There is much more to starting and managing a facebook advertising campaign and if you are looking to get started with one, just call us.

What should you know before starting Facebook Ads campaigns?
If there is something exciting for brands and advertisers about Facebook Ads, it is the fact that Facebook provides a unique, deep-targeting mechanism of individual prospective customers. Add to that the fact that Facebook has salient information about each user, and its value is incalculable to any small or mid-size business—if you are a Facebook user, then you would know that Facebook knows your birthday, gender, location, your interests, work status, and, most pertinent of all, your social connections. What this means for an advertiser is that ads campaigns can be set up to target a very specific audience group thereby increasing the possibility of generating substantial ROI.

How to ensure best ROI from Facebook Advertising campaigns?

Sure, you can, with some effort, time, and money, set up a paid advertisement campaign on Facebook by yourself. But, no matter how targeted these may be, positive returns are a result of a well-thought-out campaign which is monitored on key metrics and optimised daily.

What types of advertising are available on Facebook?

There are many ways you can communicate and share your message on the Facebook ads platform. A live and active facebook page with organic content will aid your facebook and instagram marketing campaigns and help you garner huge brand awareness while building your audience sets. Here are some of the basic ad types available on facebook :

  • Single-Image
  • Single-Image with Link
  • Stories
  • Image Collection
  • Image Slideshow
  • Carousel
  • Video
Our Facebook & Instagram Ads management services

With Facebook rapidly becoming the social media platform of choice for businesses and brands it is necessary to be well prepared. Whether you want to advertise new products, reach out to a large targeted audience with your marketing messages or build relationships with existing and potential customers, Facebook is a social media platform with immense potential.

As a social media marketing agency we speicalise in campaign strategy, media planning, creatives, campaign implementation & optimisation.

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