Facebook Advertising Campaign Management

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First a bit about Facebook ad campaigns.

If there is something exciting and Interesting for Brands and Advertisers about Facebook ad campaigns, it is the fact that Facebook provides a unique deep targeting of individual prospects and customers. Add to that the fact that facebook has an amazing set of information about each user. If you are a user then you would know that Facebook knows your birthday, sex, location, your interests, work status and best of all your connections. What this means for an advertiser is that Ads campaigns can be set up to target a very specific audience group thereby increasing the possibility of generating higher ROI.

But you have heard that anyone can start Facebook Campaigns

Sure you can with some effort, time and money set up a paid advertisements campaign on Facebook. But no matter how targeted these may be, positive returns are a result of a well thought out, planned, implemented campaign which is monitored on key metrics and optimised daily. Planning a campaign also means preparing the right page where the clicks will take users and present an easy way for them to get what they came for. For an advertiser this could be a sale, download, newsletter sign-up or simply traffic to promote the product / service offering.

Our Facebook Account Management services

With Facebook rapidly becoming the social media platform of choice for businesses and brands it is necessary to be well prepared. Whether you want to advertise new products, reach out to a large targeted audience with your marketing messages or build relationships with existing and potential customers, Facebook is a social media platform with immense potential.

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