What is Performance SEO?

Simply put, what it says is what it is – results of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities benchmarked on performance parameters agreed between a search marketing agency like ours, and the client.

Over the last few years SEO has been gaining acceptance for the sheer long-term benefits it brings to business. While this is good news for both the business owners and the digital medium, we have been noticing that many business owners and marketing professionals do not have a clear understanding of SEO. Many a times what they know are only titbits from their interactions with media vendors during the regular conduct of business. Our website has all the details and answers to questions like what is SEO and its important elements; and information to understand SEO performance parameters like many other digital marketing options.

We offer a performance-based SEO service where you will only pay us a small retainer and pay an additional amount when certain benchmarked parameters are met. This is ideal for small and mid-size organizations whose expectations and requirements from SEO are limited. This saves them the worry over costs based on man hours, or over activities for which they are not sure of the results. Thus, what performance SEO entails is contracting a seo consultant ot and seo company or a Digital Marketing agency for the purpose of starting an SEO ranking campaign.

We believe that the best way to offer any internet marketing service is to ensure that the efforts and the investments deliver more than the desired results.

So where do you begin?

  • As always, we begin with the brief. Unlike the agency brief, the seo agency brief is a short concise document which is like a questionnaire asking for details of your website, recent activities, planned future activities, SEO goals, analytics data, webmaster data etc.
  • On receipt of the brief we review the website/s mentioned and prepare an internal scope of work document.
  • Based on the scope of work and the goals we will prepare a customized proposal with pricing details.
  • The pricing will include the costs and performance metrics and estimated timelines.

Advantages of Search Engine optimization packages based on performance are many, such as :

  • Pay only when your website pages rank
  • No-risk SEO marketing
  • Optimum results with increased ROI in less time
  • Be assured of only white-hat SEO techniques
  • Search Engine Visibility across multiple search engines
  • Increased inflow of website traffic
  • The returns or performance metrics can be defined in terms of increase in traffic, increase in keyword rankings on search engines like google, yahoo, bing etc.

Our Pay-for-Performance SEO teams are fully geared to help you reach your objectives, and we ensure that your investments in digital marketing get the required results. While we implement your campaigns, we follow all the internal processes including comprehensive Keyword analysis, Website Analysis, Competition Analysis, On-Page & Off-Page Optimization strategy, etc. In essence, you gain access to our SEO expertise and experience, while you pay for performance.

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