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The Need For High Quality Web Design

The internet has long been accepted as the fastest and most prolific business growth platform. An impressive digital presence is now a must for any business. This subject of website design and development is vast, and needs understanding not only of your business, but also the category, competition, and the online consumer. As an experienced website design company, we understand the challenges and are prepared to deliver under tight deadlines.
Your website is the doorway to fulfill the need of consumers most of whom are now using online means to purchase. It is important to create the perfect store to appeal to the prospective consumers. Your investment in your business website needs to be well planned and executed with the customer at the heart of it & by a website design company who understands your consumers.

Understanding UI and UX before choosing a web design agency

Both Website Design and Development go hand in hand and the process begins with UI and UX design. UX Design refers to User Experience Design, while UI Design stands for User Interface Design. Both elements are crucial to the success of a website & they need to work together for maximum impact. The role of UI and UX design are very different, UI Design is closer to what we refer to as graphic design & UX Design is a more of an analytical and technical aspect.

Web Design for the layman

Creating a website involves a strategic mix of design, graphics, content writing, technology, databases, content management systems, web hosting, and website maintenance services. If you really look at it from a common man’s perspective, it's like buying land (Domain + server space), calling an architect and an interior designer, who, with their skills and team, will build a new home (website) for you on the Internet. We are the architects and interior designers for your online business presence.

Our Web Design and Development Process

For more than 11 years we have been serving clients with custom web designs. Our web design teams follow a proven process for successful and timely completion of every project.

The Web Design Discovery Stage

The first step to successful web design is understanding the scope and requirements of each project. We work closely with our clients to hone the brief and arrive at the best scope for the website design.

The Web Design Project Kick-Off

After the scope and cost approvals comes the project milestones document. This has strategic plans that align with our client’s vision about the project. This is discussed during a kickoff meeting to ensure there is a clear agreement on priorities.

Project Execution - Website Design & Development

As part of the website design process wire frames and visual concepts are presented for approval before website development can begin. Once approved the UI designs are moved into the development pool and hosted on a staging server for testing.

Web Design Project Delivery

After each stage of development, the design team reviews the output and the development team gets on with testing and debugging. The final tested website project is presented for client approvals and launched, ready to be promoted.

Each month, week, day, and moment, something new is being explored - a new technology front opens, thereby making it easier for you to be closer to your customers. As a website design company we keep ourselves updated and, therefore, are able to serve your needs—from very basic, static websites, to custom or template websites, all the way to interactive and e-commerce portals.
If you require Web Design, Web Development services or UI/UX design services, contact us.