SEO Packages   VS 1   VS 2   VS 3
Keywords Researched 10-15 15-20 20-30
Keywords Finalized 5 10 15
Initial Search Engine Ranking report
Site pages optimized
HTML Code and Meta-Content Optimization
Images and Links to be Optimized
HTML sitemap creation
Google XML sitemap creation and regular updation
Robot.txt Optimization
Google Analytics Setup and Review
Off page OPTIMIZATION (monthly)
Directory submission 100 200 300
Social Bookmarking 30 40 50
Social Networking Profile - 10 15
Article submission 40 60 60
Press Release submission 25 35 40
Blog Marketing
Classified ad creation and posting 5 8 10
Forum posting
RSS feed submissions
Video Optimization
Search Engine Ranking Reports
Demographic Report
Traffic Reports
Delivery Targets
Top page ranking in Google for keywords At least 3 At least 6 At least 10
Traffic increase on organic search engine results
Decrease the bounce rate
Increase the Time spend
Increase Pages / Visit
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