51. What Is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is technology that manages the names of Websites and Internet domains. Because of DNS technology you can type names into your Web browser like doctors.virtualsnipers.com and your computer automatically finds that address from the Internet. Imagine going to a website like www.google.com by typing in its IP address in the browser, obviously that’s going to be very difficult. It’s not the easiest of things to remember a series of complex numbers like an IP Address and just imagine using IP address in Advertising. eg. Check our website on 321.563.547.16, won’t work isn’t it?

Instead you type www.virtualsnipers.com in your browser and the webpage opens. While this seems simple behind the scenes, a complex network of DNS servers is discreetly working, sending you to that IP address which represents the web page without you having to remember or even know of its existence.

It is because of the Domain Name System that one doesn’t need to have an address book of IP addresses.