63. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the most useful and powerful tools to understand and analyze website Performance. The Purpose of analytics is to give you a detailed statistics about your website’s traffic, traffic sources, measure conversion and sales.

Not only does analytics measure sales and conversions, but also gives you insights into how visitors use your site, how they reached your website, how much time they spent, Which pages they visited and help you draw plans so you can keep bringing them back.

Also Google Analytics provides statistics and analysis for search engine optimization (SEO).

A quick look at the top features of Google Analytics:

Data visualization tools - dashboard, scorecards and motion charts, heat maps, conversion funnel visualization

Data Segmentation and co-relation features for deeper analysis

Various Customised reports.

A unique capability of Integrating with other Google products like AdWords and Website Optimizer.

How does Google Analytics help?

It is able to provide data to understand which marketing campaigns have been most effective.

Is able to give insights on website traffic patterns and trends, know your traffic sources and know how much each source is contributing

Its helps in understanding the keywords groups that brings in prospects and conversions

Better creative execution – which ad is the most effectively helping achieve objectives

Better visitor management because you can learn about the exit pages, pages with highest time spent, which search terms are being used to find the website.

You can even track website buttons, downloads, email clicks and many other on-page actions.

You can also understand the behavior of visitors who have come from Adwords campaigns or Facebook social media campaigns etc.

There are many more features of Google analytics which we use on a regular basis to provide better campaign optimisation services to our clients. Advanced segments of Google analytics help E-Commerce website managers manage profitability and also help website owners understand if their marketing efforts and investments are resulting in the gains they expected.

While there are many more advanced and complex analytics tools available Google Analytics is aimed at the small and medium-sized websites. It has its limitations as compared to other more advanced tools but given the data capabilities it has its serves the purposes of search engine optimisation and website optimisation very well.