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Landing Pages that boost lead Volumes

Customer contact is critical for all businesses. If you are running a business which involves lead generation campaigns you cannot
 ignore landing pages. No matter how much time and money you spend on perfecting ad-view to lead generation process, if the landing page does not connect with and convince the audience, they will go away (higher bounce rate) , never to return again. Thus the goal of a landing page is to attract and then keep the prospective customer interested enough to increase the chances of conversion from visitor to enquirer. This is done with the help of good design & good quality relevant content.

Much has been written about attention spans but in my experience it is within 5-8 seconds that the visitor decides to stay or look for another option. 5 seconds (remember even YouTube holds you for that long :)) and that’s how much time you have to impress and convince the visitor to share his personal information.
Your digital campaigns, be it Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, email marketing, display campaigns etc. call for investments and it is always imperative that you get the best ROI, isn’t it?

When you hire a digital marketing agency or a professional to create high-conversion landing pages you are not only adding value to your websites credibility but also boosting your sites trust factor and authority for SEO.

Let me share some key elements of successful high conversion landing pages.

Start with a Relevant & Appealing Headline

What do you see when you reach a web page? In most cases it’s an image followed by a catchy line, presented to attract, impress and compel you to read / explore further. Now that is called a compelling Header or headline. 
The header comprises of the first few elements that will be beginning of the user experience. As such, having a relevant, catchy headline as well as a persuasive sub-headline supported with some smart choice of images is important if you want your prospects to spend some time on the page and engage with you. You will find some more important tips to write high-converting headlines in this post. Use them and let us know how these worked to boost sales from your digital marketing campaigns.

There’s more on landing page content writing, a/b testing etc coming soon. Keep watching this blog. See you soon!

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