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Win the Content marketing battle – be the answer!

Ycontent marketing bloges, almost everyone who’s using the digital media has heard of or use content marketing. It is not just about being good at SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Display Advertising, Mobile Apps, and the many Digital Marketing options available. While these provide ample opportunities to make sure you are found, the critical piece is to be found in the relevant context and gain the confidence of your audiences with effective content marketing. How? Let’s find out.

Fact : Buyers research online not just for online purchases but for offline purchases too. They rely on credible content to a large extent. 

This means you need to use the power of content marketing as an effective means of enabling consumers. This is the ‘new value proposition’ to increase brand awareness, enhance engagement, action, and conversions.

But it’s not about suddenly making a content marketing strategy that says “let’s load up and fire as much content as possible”.  It’s about knowing your audiences and building quality content that makes you, your business & brand ‘be the closest best answer’, whenever and wherever your audience is searching for solutions.

What does this mean? Simply that your content marketing strategies have to be such that they allow you to reach your prospects in the right context at various engagement points during their journey from search, research to purchase.

Answers. Yes that’s what the consumers are looking for. 

As a business owner, brand custodian, and user of digital marketing you not only have to find the need gap but also make sure you provide the right answers with good quality SEO content writing to feed such gaps and thus improve quality of engagement with the brand.

To make this type of content marketing possible we follow a process. Let’s see how

Data Intelligence : Delve into data and understand your audience – customers and prospects both. Use analytics to track your content performance.

Content Mix : Build content that leverages the capabilities of the various digital channels to arrive at a potent mix.  Examples, case studies, testimonials, videos, blogs, eBooks, podcasts, webinars etc

Write for Multiple Reader Types : Personalisation is a challenge and the key. There never is just one type of customer. Customer groups have their own personas and that calls for customisation, at the content writing and the content marketing levels  isn’t it?

Timing your content. Content not only has to be useful & valuable but when served at the right time can do wonders. Repurpose your content and keep content consistent and up-to-date.

Aiding the decision journey. Understand your buyer’s journey. Help the customer in his decision journey. It’s not that your products or services will always be the choice, so what! Extended social reach will compensate if experiences are joyful.

Make sure your content has a clear, measurable business goal. Keep visiting data metrics to see which type of content is content is working and replicate those efforts.

Today every piece of content has specialist writers for hire and there are content writing / marketing companies.

The answer to success with content marketing is in becoming the “answer ” people are looking for. Create Answers.

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