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Boost Adwords Campaign ROI with Business / Product / Service Reviews

Couple of months ago Google had announced the beta release of one interesting feature in adwords called “review extensions”. The objective was to allow businesses who advertise on Adwords to showcase positive third party reviews, rankings, and awards from reputable sources in their ads.

Now there is no doubt that seeing a review along-with a relevant ad and that too from a reputable source builds trust and providers users valuable additional information.

It seems Google has received a positive response to “review extensions” and many of the advertisers who have implemented them have seen impressive results. Apparently implementing extensions has lead to an increase in CTR by a whopping 10% for one Adwords user.

Over the coming days, Google is going to make the “review extensions” available right in the Adwords console, allowing agencies and businesses to add those hard-earned accolades about products and / or services to search ads.

Managing review extensions in Google Adwords is not so difficult.


– Click the Ad extensions tab, and select Review Extensions from the *View: dropdown button.
– Click + Extension and select the campaign for which you want to create the extension.
– Indicate if this is a paraphrased review or an exact quote, add the text, source, and source URL.
– Click Save.

Well that’s not it. The review extensions do not go live instantly (obviously you didn’t expect them to did you?)

It will take a few days for the extension to be approved. You might want to read the important policy approval guidelines ( for review extensions.

Note : Reviews appear on the Google Search Network, but are not available on the Display Network at the time of this post. 

As is the general case with extensions, reviews won’t show every timeas there are many factors which plays a role including bid, relevancy of the Ad etc and other extensions or information. Btw Reviews can show alongside all ad extensions, except offer extensions.

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