Basic objectives of Search Engine Optimisation and What is SEO?

So you have people around you talking search engine optimisation and the benefits of good SEO campaign. And in many cases friends, relatives, peers would have tried to impress upon you how good SEO practices helped them increase business visibility and gain traffic. And if you are wondering what in the world is SEO and why is it so much the talk among all those with online presence, let me try to explain.

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The challenge of taking your business online – planning a website and online business strategy – II

Hey Everyone,

The last time we were on the subject of website planning we spoke about the need for website planning and its various aspects. I hope by now its clear why you need a strategic approach to your online presence. Even before

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The challenge of taking your business online – planning a website and online business strategy – I


Its been a while any of the snipers at posted on the blog. We have been kept very busy by some very good natured entrepreneurs seeking perfect solutions. We have spent time with doctors making their

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For the First Time… Internet Marketing History….Coca Cola… Marketing Milestone

A really impressive headline caught my eye yesterday. It went as follows “For the first time in its marketing history in India, the cola company has launched its upcoming TVC on the digital medium a few days before it goes live on TV channels. It aims to make the TV ad available to more

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Transparency and building a successfull Internet Marketing Business

This subject has been close to my heart since I stepped into the world of digital marketing or Internet Marketing as many call it.

Transparency as we all know is the mainstay of all relationships be it personal or business relations.

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Facebook City Targeting feature a good opportunity

In what could be described as an important and a major development, Facebook has started providing City Targeting in India. Its a major win for the existing advertisers no doubt but the larger winner going to be facebook itself. It can now look forward to local advertisers who want to run smaller and targeted campaigns. For the already existing advertisers and those

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