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Small Business Marketing – Facebook Ads or Google Adwords

I am writing this for all those businessmen and entrepreneurs who are struggling with the decisions about which internet marketing medium to choose? – Search or Social. For small business marketing, the thoughts do not go beyond these two primarily because of budget constraints. The obvious choice is the medium he/she is using or is used to. So welcome Google Adwords Marketing or Facebook Advertising or linkedin advertising and many more. Having used them it is natural to feel that you connect with these can understand them. Sure you do, but does that mean you can choose the right medium among these for your business? Thats where we come in, our job is to suggest the bext media mix and suggest better options if any to ensure the best possible ROI from your digital marketing campaigns. For e.g Sometimes adding email marketing campaigns also works wonders.

Lets look at some solutions.

  1. Objective – Visibility and engagement : you want people to know you exist. You want them to share with their friends. You want more and more people to visit your website. Start with a mix of search and social and then based on what google analytics data shows you optimise the campaigns to better.
  2. Objective – Engagement and Sales : more customers is what is what all businessman want but sometimes you miss the need to be seen and be seen as a credible resource to be wanted by the audience. Google Advertising has an edge here when it comes to sales while social can help you reach more audiences at cheaper cost but with lower sales volumes. But dont underestimate the power of social sharing. I would say 25-30% of the budget to social will be good here.
  3. Objective – Sales, Sales, Sales – tough one this I must say but the fact is that all businessmen are in business for revenue isnt it J. But to reach this stage of revenue generation online much will need to be done, You want to be seen, seen in the right environment, with the right communication, by the right prospects who can then influence more people and thus increase your volumes and reduce your cost per acquisition. The last part is what makes social special. As of when i am sharing this experience I must say Google Adwords or PPC takes the lead with social especially Facebook campaigns slowly inching into the budget.

Now depending on the business and the product service category, linkedin can be added to the campaign or a proper social campaign with twitter can be actioned too. There are many more options like emailers, targeted banner advertising, affiliate marketing etc which can be used depending on the objective and the product / service to be marketed.

Those were my two cents. Hope they help you the entrepreneur choose the best marketing media mix for growth. All the best!

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