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SMEs must leverage Internet Marketing for Business Growth

The internet is everywhere and if online marketing does not feature in your marketing strategy, then you are missing a very important avenue for business growth. Internet marketing also referred to as Digital Marketing, web-marketing, online-marketing or e-Marketing, is the marketing of products or services on the Internet using strategic options like SEO, SEM / Adwords / PPC, Content marketing, Display Banners, Social Media Marketing and many more innovative opportunities. Online presence is no longer an option you can explore later, it is a mandatory requirement unless you are happy with your current business numbers. Your competition may already be ahead of you, its time you got started if you haven’t already.

Most consumers today are connected via the web. Being online


reduces the distance between the organisation and customers thereby enabling better consumer interaction, understanding and improvement in the product as also consumer experience.

Here are some tips for you so you can utilize your marketing monies on the internet in a better manner.

Audience Targeting – When you advertise online, you can decide who sees your advertisement to the country, state and city. Using Google Adwords and other search engines for marketing allows you to target customers by geographical location and intent based on the keyword search performed by the search engine user. Now if you are Travel Company wouldn’t you like to be the first advertiser when someone searches for travel packages? or you may a Doctor or Surgeon who is offering specialized plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery solutions, so how about being found when a user is searching for problems related to your specialization? With the advent of social media marketing, you can also choose from various targeting options like gender, age, interests etc. A professional internet marketing agency is the best option to get the right mix to effectively utilize marketing budget.

Having the right website – An area I find being ignored on the internet is the website. Most entrepreneurs are unable to leverage the potential of internet marketing simply because they choose to go for the cheap website solution which either results in low visitor traction or none. It’s like having a great marketing budget and excellent internet strategy but when the visitor comes the website is a put-off.

While your ads will bring audience to your website, the success of the campaign depends on the first impression of your website and the user experience your website provides. Whether the visitor feels compelled to call you or purchase your product online depends on many website design elements. Things like Navigation Planning, User Experience planning, Content planning, Page layouts testing etc play a very important role in the success of your online business. The website is you and your sales person who has to offer a good personal sales pitch without knowing who the visitor is.

Invest in a website and good content.

Data like never before – “What can be measured, can be managed”. The beauty of Internet Marketing and the reason we absolutely love it, is its ability to provide data almost immediately. Web analytics provide a lot of information about user behavior on the website or landing page. You can know where the visitors came from, what they did and how they are using the web pages. Website analytics give you the much needed edge to challenge competition and gain more market share. With proper analysis of data, internet marketing campaigns can be optimized almost instantly.

Get hold of a good online marketing agency and they will make the job easy for you for a small fee.

Speak as much as you can: It’s important to be found, isn’t it? Almost every business is facing the visibility challenge. It’s important to be seen in the right environment to be able to grow.

The question to ask is, where are my prospects and what are they doing? The answer is that most prospects are on search engines for sure but the fact is that they are also reading a lot of content on the web. They are also exchanging a lot of this content with their social contacts. You need to be present to be found.

Thus, content creation of the web is an important aspect of Internet marketing for your business. Write about your products and services. Post articles on article sites, comment on blogs and start blogging for your business. You can find tips on how blogging can help your business in one of our earlier posts. All this helps to improve your website ranking on search engines too.

You can do it yourself or hire professional SEO / content marketing agency.

Add Social Media Marketing – Recently we posted a quick piece on what is social media marketing for our visitors. Do check it out if you are unaware of the same.

The audience today is busy in social interactions. Facebook is growing and Twitter is a rage already. These are critical engagement platforms. Engage your audience in a two-way communication through social media. Use social ads. This is a great way to increase brand visibility and awareness at low cost.

Employ a good SMM professional or hire the services of an agency.

No Budget Stress – While marketing and promotions are important, it is possible you may not have very high budgets set aside for this purpose. And the good news is that Internet marketing is cost-effective, performance oriented and has solutions for all budgets. Where else can you decide a budget based on your objectives of consumer numbers, interactions, lead generation targets and sales.

Start by setting realistic targets, define markets, define target audience, set timelines and prepare a good campaign requirement brief. Once we have the above details, we will implement the perfect internet marketing campaign for you.

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