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Top SEO Ideas for 2013

We all know that user behavior keeps changing and this infact keeps good SEO’s on their toes all the time and in addition Google’s algorithm changes mean SEO continues to be more challenging.  The last few years have seen many changes being adopted by Google to ensure cleaner and relevant search results.

The basis or the foundations remain as I had written some time ago. But what is that is really important for this year? here are some pointers to enhance your search engine optimization plans..

1. Focus on your usability and better websites

Now Google has started looking at the website as an important part of the overall user experience. A good website has the opportunity of getting shared socially and that’s an opportunity on Google+ as well which you must not miss.

Ensuring better user experience will mean better engagement and more frequent visitors. When people like something they would want their friends and associate’s to check it out too. Hence you need to have faster loading, well designed websites which will find social acceptance.

2. Keywords, keywords, keywords! Yes this is very important 

As Google goes more local search engine users are also understanding the benefits of specific search terms. Majority of searches contain three or more words in the search query. Most search queries are completely new and businesses understand analytics better they will get better understanding of how consumers across geographies are seeking solutions using new keywords. It’s the long tail keywords that are steadily gaining prominence especially when it comes to finding services nearby.  This is a fantastic growth areas and SEO strategies should be focused here.

Focusing on Short keywords and ignoring the long tail lead to an imbalance and returns drop over time.

3. It’s not just rankings but traffic that should count

Gone are days when you only approached SEO with a single objective – Ranking on Google! Its time to take a traffic-view of seo. Time to take stock of keywords that can get you relevant traffic and build a strategy around them rather than chasing ranking.

4. Write relevant solutions oriented Content

Content strategies is where most SEO’s are found to be lacking. Creating content visitors will love is not rocket science. Focus on how your product / service can solve a customer’s problem. The customer came searching for a solution, found you and depends on you for a solution. Just address that and you will have some of the best content which people and Google will love. And if it’s the very writing that’s giving you nightmares, reach our expert content writing team.

5. Publish Content on trusted sites

Last year’s the penguin update started negating the value of content published on untrusted sites.  So this year make sure you have your content publishing sources right. We already started on this long ago. Just consider the websites you publish content on as your sources of reference. Good sites draw people and that’s where your opportunity lies. Its no longer thousands of links but good links from quality sources. You need good references afterall to be trusted J.

6. Use Social Media

A great referral tool is what Social media can become if used right. Social platforms are an excellent tool for sharing and promoting content on your websites. No doubt over time you will be able to reach millions of people but the great plus is that content sharing on the social platforms will ensure brownie points for search results – do not forget Google +.

Before I say good bye I would like to say there is much more to SEO than just the website today. Happy Optimising!

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