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5 reasons why you should hire a Professional Content Writing Agency

Recently a client of ours who is a fashion designer moved from being a freelancer to setting her service up as professional company. She was going through the motions of setting up an office, website design, online marketing budgets etc, when I asked her who was writing her content, she seemed surprised that I would even suggest a third person to write content for her business. After all, it was a service which used her expertise and who else could communicate her services better than her.

So, why does anyone need a professional or a specialist to write website content? After all, any business owner has the best knowledge of his business. Let see a few reasons why outsourcing content writing services or even having an in-house writer if you have a growing or large company is beneficial.

An objective view: – As a service/product provider, you tend to focus on what you can offer. A professional content writing services agency could work the same content with the perspective of what a customer needs. As on outsider who is looking at your product/service from a totally objective view, he can offer you suggestions of how your content is appropriately placed to match your customer needs in the best possible way. A writer can also brainstorm with you with a customer perspective to evolve newer ideas.Many a times you get carried away with your offering without realising how much content is enough for the website visitor.

Right Skill for the right job: A writer’s core skill is his writing. While you know best on what you provide, a writer will be able to put in the best way to communicate it to your target audience. This also gives you enough time to concentrate on where your core skill lies. Your skill can be better used to service customers rather than cleaning and editing copy. Another obvious skill is that content writing agency has a good and practiced team who have expertise in the language of his or her writing. This helps ensure that content is focused towards the product / services from a user perspective and also reduces grammatical & punctuation errors in a copy. Even tiny overlooked errors in a web or blog copy makes it look unprofessional and can have a lasting impact on the company image.

Time for the engagement: Times have changed,today a having a website website and social media engagements etc are an on-going responsibility. Many websites, blogs, social media pages have gone redundant due lack of fresh content on a regular basis. It is possible that you or someone you know could write well enough to start your blog, however, to keep it relevant on a regular basis needs a professional who sets aside time and researches on the best way to do it. A professional content writer also has a niche and can adapt to different tones like business, sales, blog discussions etc depending on what your platform is. As a content writing services agency we can provide various types of content to client anywhere in the world.

Avoid regular clichés – A professional content writer works with a lot of projects. Even if your writer is in-sourced, a good writer always researches and is well read within her forte and the ancillary fortes, this helps the writer to keep your content unique and not like a “copy-paste” of every other similar businesses.

While you work on enhancing your product /service offerings the content writer co-ordinates with the Internet Marketing Services team and ensures that the content is SEO / SEM friendly and builds credibility.

How Much Content is enough : This is another important question which we are asked regularly. While there is no standard norm my suggestion is that content be written to suit the target audience’ habits and the product / service offering. Content writing for a website needs to be approached differently than specific marketing campaign pages. This means a content writer has to sync with the internet marketing team and understand the product / service, the marketing communication, the mode of marketing whether it is search engine optimisation, Adwords / PPC campaigns, display Branding campaigns, Social Media Marketing etc before laying out a clear content plan. As an agency providing Internet Marketing services we have both Internet Marketing and Content Writing teams to ensure better results for our clients.

There are many more advantages of hiring a professional content writing services agency for your business. Whether it is brand promotion or tactical web engagement, it is always good business sense to invest in good content writing services. Remember search engines too love fresh, unique SEO friendly content.

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