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Cheap SEO vs Quality Website Search Optimisation

This is an important post for us and for you too if you want to be successful on the internet. What drove me to write this post is some serious SEO damage that had been done to websites which recently came to us for solutions. I wrote about the White Hat SEO approach and the need for quality content writing and about using twitter for business and that has been appreciated and help many. Thank you for your mails.

With an aim to help businesses and entrepreneurs who want to make informed decisions I am writing this post.

There is general belief that everything is negotiable and this has resulted in many Internet Marketing Service providers and individuals buckling under pressure to keep their businesses running. This has lead a mushrooming of so called custom SEO solutions at cheap rates. And that’s what they are cheap solutions. Cheap has never meant quality and quality of seo is very important for success. An experienced SEO professional will tell you that effort needed for developing an SEO strategy, Planning and resource mobilisation for implementation is almost like setting up a micro enterprise. The quality of manpower is an important part of seo implementation. Those in business already know the effect of poor quality manpower and the resultant impact on business.

In the race to find the best solutions at the best prices sometimes. One gets carried away resulting your websites being banned, blacklisted and shot down by search engines. In many cases you are not provided the right problem and this always land up with the wrong solution. That is what really happens when you choose price over knowledge and experience. The truth is that good SEO cannot some cheap. While the definition of cheap may differ from organisation to organisation we all essentially understand what cheap means.

Cheap SEO solutions may mess up your website. The quick solutions to try to convince you will mostly be short term quick fixes and black hat jobs. And before you realise the long term implications you will be hitched and pushed deeper in the quick fix chasm. You should know that it’s not always possible to fix up your site after it has been messed up and if it can be rectified it will means loads of time which in turn will burn more money for you.

Its like buying an expensive laptop and then buying a cheap flea market backpack to protect it. Imagine if you had a high end DSLR and you were to carry it in a plastic bag. What would happen?

What you need a company with good professionals who have the right skill sets to ensure that the right Search Engine Optimisation solutions are implemented. Thanks for reading, hope this helped. If you need SEO you know how to Contact Us .

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