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A website is not enough. There’s SEO, SEM / Adwords and much more

For a lot of business owners and traditional entrepreneurs Internet marketing is over once they’ve created a company website. Add to that the popular belief is that once a website is created, it will be on the company cards, stationery, etc and with word of mouth will run on its own.

The fact is, planning a website, hiring a professional web design agency and ultimately putting up a website is just the beginning. It’s the beginning of road to success and calls for little knowledge of Internet Marketing Strategies and techniques. The website design process itself involves Navigation and usability design, Content planning, page planning, customer experience process planning and many such aspects which a professional website design agency like us can help you with. Remember, when you start a website you are laying the foundation of a business in the online world.

Once your website is live you need to get visitors, engage them to achieve your business objectives and keep up with competition. Now isn’t that similar to the way you would run an offline business. Yes! Its almost similar except that your approach to marketing need to be re-tuned to suit the new medium. Internet marketing services like Content writing, SEO (search engine optimisation), SEM (search engine marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), branding etc are required to succeed. All these coupled with personal branding are required at times to generate higher ROI from Internet marketing budgets.

Therefore success with your website calls for investing time and money in Internet marketing. The ROI can be phenomenal but the efforts need to be such as well. You will need expertise which we provide our clients.

So before you decide to go ahead with web design or Internet marketing get yourself a good service provider who can educate you on the nuances of internet marketing and grow with you. An agency like us will provide your value for money solutions. And whatever you do dont think about using cheap webdesign and cheap SEO services or fall prey to ridiculous offers. You may never be able to reverse the adverse affects of cheap implementation.

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