Engaging users using Social Media – Twitter for Business

As Promised here’s the next level of knowledge on Twitter. You might want to check out the previous post “Twitter for Business – The beginning“

There are hundreds of applications which allow you show your twitter feeds on your website or blog. If you have a

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Landing pages and high conversions. How to Increase ROI from Internet Marketing Campaigns?

When searching for the best air travel to London, you’d make sure to research on various sites prior to buying a ticket, right? In this day and age of information overload with a constant barrage of lightning fast stimuli, how do you quickly gauge which site to click when ready to buy

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Google enters the Social Marketing arena with better search in mind with the +1 button?

So what is Googles +1 button all about? The +1 button launched by google recently is an interesting attempt to increase and understand user preferences. This would be very important data, doubt. Coming back to the +1 button it made to act akin to the

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Using your Brand name as a Keyword in SEM / PPC (Pay-Per-click) campaigns

A very Interesting question pertaining to SEM strategy was asked by a client recently. “why is it necessary to bid on our own band name as a keyword in google adwords?” he questioned.

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Basic objectives of Search Engine Optimisation and What is SEO?

So you have people around you talking search engine optimisation and the benefits of good SEO campaign. And in many cases friends, relatives, peers would have tried to impress upon you how good SEO practices helped them increase business visibility and gain traffic. And if you are wondering what in the world is SEO and why is it so much the talk among all those with online presence, let me try to explain.

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The challenge of taking your business online – planning a website and online business strategy – II

Hey Everyone,

The last time we were on the subject of website planning we spoke about the need for website planning and its various aspects. I hope by now its clear why you need a strategic approach to your online presence. Even before

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