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Pin Marketing – The Pinterest Way To Internet Marketing

Its amazing, I mean the pace at which users adapt to new ideas and drop them. Very few ideas make the cut and the new social idea that’s catching on is Pinterest. The name defines the product in a way – Pin all the stuff you find interesting so Pin your Interests. Pinterest is basically a photo sharing social networking site. It has a pinboard style layout and allows users to manage and create thematic collections of images and create theme image boards or Pin Boards. The basic agenda of the site is to connect people from all around the world via things that they find interesting. Surprisingly this concept seems to have gained popularity among women of all age groups. Now that should mean good news for Brands who want to target women on the internet. The by-invitation only model has within less than 6 months of its release, been listed as among the best 50 websites according to the Time Magazine.

Joining Pinterest needs you to have a friend who’s already an active member of the site. You need to have an invitation from a member of Pinterest or you can also request for an invitation directly from the pinterest website. Being new in the fast growing social media category on the internet, and having to compete against strong opposition like Facebook and Twitter, its adoption of the strategy long ago used by google for gmail seems to be working in its favour. It needs new users to link their new Pinterest account to their Twitter or Facebook accounts. This means users can log into this website via their Facebook or Twitter logins.

Interesting Features

Pinterest unlike other social networking sites has the attributes of the original photo sources pinned to the photos while sharing it directly on the website. The permission of the original author of the picture though isn’t a part of the transaction process but that should not be much of a problem with most of the authors as their work being shared is a promotion of sorts for them.

What makes it different and interesting is that you don’t send links or requests or tweet links here; you are basically collecting images of anything and everything you like on a board and share them. Something you always thought you could do isn’t it? Collect the best images which have inspired you, impressed you or have helped make a dull day bright. The entire concept of having a thematic photo pin board is visually very appealing and I am sure new personalization features in the future would make it more interesting. This also brings out creativity in users in how they want to use their pin boards, a new canvas.

Benefits of Pinterest for your brand or company.

Pinterest, as a social media marketing tool has grown immensely and in an extraordinary way since its inception. With Pinterest growing in popularity,a brand can only benefit from the huge numbers of potential customers that use Pinterest every day. A wonderful addition for those, who keep looking for variety in Internet Marketing Solutions. SEO, SEM, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and now Pinterest adds to the variety of media marketing options on the Internet.

From an Internet marketing perspective, Pinterest has yet to make great inroads. No doubt it can be an interesting platform and a creative one but will call for a relook at Internet Marketing strategy. Pinterest is the least bit complicated. With its easy to use interface, comes the ability to create traction and interaction with customers in a hassle free manner. People can “follow” and “Repin” brands more easily as users engage with the ideals and themes of your brand or company. This makes Pinterest one of the most simple and hassle free of platforms for brand engagement.

A lot of companies are using Pinterest as an Internet Marketing ploy to pin their way with a visually appealing and interesting persona of their brands. Viralability is also another interesting factor here. Repinning is akin to retweeting or a “Like” on Facebook. This allows social sharing of and the impact can be tremendous. All marketers need to do is explore the creative aspects of their brands and there is no limit to the possibilities of what Pinterest can do for them.

Happy Pinning 🙂 .

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