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NGO’s / non-profits can embrace Internet Marketing to bring about social change

What Nonprofit organizations or NGOs need is to focus on developing themselves as brands. Come to think of it Brands play such a critical role in the decision to buy or invest. To put it simply, I pay for a certain brand of products because with it comes a certain amount of trust in quality, a certain ability to satisfy my needs. An NGO and Charitable Institutions need more visibility to promote their vision, integrity, credibility and the impact on the society due to their work. The process of marketing or advertising a Non-Profit organization will also build awareness about accountability towards sponsors and donors and several other significant stakeholders. And that is one of the most important parameters for an NGO which aims to bring about social change at the grass roots level. One of the lacunae in the NGO ecosystem is the unavailability or inability to share observations and statistical evaluations built as case studies which could be of significant interest to the contributors. These materials would also help them build credibility for the very reasons and causes they are pursuing. Having said the above I also understand that marketing budgets are low and impact and ROI requirements are way beyond normal. This is where Internet marketing steps can come to the rescue.

We have been working with NGOs and as an Integrated Internet Marketing Agency understand their needs of effective reach, credibility and fund raising. As responsible organization wanting to contribute and add to the development of society at large we provide free expertise to NGO’s and Non –profits and implementation at a fraction of cost. It is important for charitable organization and non-profit organizations to develop efficient web presence with websites that facilitate their respective staff to interrelate with benefactors /potential benefactors, volunteers and all other concerned stakeholders.
The potential and benefits for mission-based organizations like NGOs from Internet applications ,Internet marketing services using the right Internet marketing Strategy are now really endless.

It has been presumed, that there would not be any nonprofit organizations who would need convincing on the need and worth of the Internet and computer technology for progress. But unfortunately the fact is that there still exist such organizations who have not been appraised of the benefits of Internet Marketing and special offer available for them to use the Internet as an effective medium for marketing causes. There are still Corporations and Individuals who provide funds to NGO’s and benefactors of nonprofits who are not aware nor recognize many nonprofit organizations and thus are unwilling to fund such. However, visions getting vastly larger numbers of new benefactors and clients, raising massive amounts of new money and smoothly administering funds get a sudden boost with an Internet connection. A web site, a Facebook fan page, a Twitter Account or marketing on search engines like Yahoo, Bing or Google can go a long way in ensuring successful project implementations. Google offers its famous search platforms to registered NGO’s for Free. Not only that it provides advertising funds every month to non-profits who wish to build awareness and raise funds.

NGO managers today believe that, the Internet can solve managerial hassles too. Add to that the unparalleled and rise of the social net adds to marketing prowess. Communication is easy with email accounts, marketing can be more wide spread with Twitter, Facebook and Google plus. These social networking sites today form an integral part of the Internet Marketing Ecosystem providing some very serious and far reaching benefits. With a right Internet marketing strategy implemented by a professional Internet Marketing Ageny NGOs stand to gain. With effective SEO (Search Engine Optimization) more Non-profits can gain visibility on search engines and free SEM (Search Engine Marketing) makes way for enhancing marketing ROI.

As we continue to do our bit for society we call upon businesses big and small and individuals who believe in contributing to society to pitch in and help NGO’s, Non-profits and charitable organizations gain from the Internet. If you would like to fund a website for a non-profit kindly mail us on

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